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GAI Awarded Washington District Sustainable Community Infrastructure Project

Due to its age and the demands of urban development, additional strain has been revealed in the Washington District’s infrastructure, including inadequate water, sewer, storm drain, and transportation backbones. Substantial utility and street improvements are needed in order to accommodate existing and alternative modes of travel in the neighborhood.
Ghirardelli Associates was selected by the City of West Sacramento to provide construction management services for the District project to correct infrastructure deficiencies. Sidewalks will be made more accessible, bike lanes added, and several roadways will be re-evaluated for more efficient multi-modal traffic flow. Large street canopy trees will be preserved, and new street trees will be planted. The project will also be designed to handle a future streetcar extension that will circulate along the Third Street corridor, jogging west to 5th Street and then east on C Street and over the new bridge to connect to Railyards Boulevard in Sacramento. Water, sewer, and storm lines will be upsized and replaced, and overhead utilities will be placed underground where feasible.
Construction is currently underway and is expected to be completed by January 2019. The funding sources will be a $4.2 million climate investment fund grant awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council for Infrastructure, the state Active Transportation Program (ATP), and local match by the city of West Sacramento’s community investment fund and sewer impact fees. The estimated design and construction cost is $5.7 million.
Client: City of West Sacramento
Location: West Sacramento, CA

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