Construction Management

Ghirardelli believes there are three major contributors in providing quality construction management services. First, we have the right philosophy and a clear understanding of our purpose. Second, we have clear and consistent procedures and make sure they are used. Third, we have a solid core of hard working and devoted staff that understands the importance of getting the job done right. By following these principles, Ghirardelli will provide consistency and quality during our administration of a given project. The following is some discussion of these important points.


Time, Cost, and Quality Management is a standard service we provide on every project when administering a construction contract. The following describes each service.

Time Management

An effective time management system is necessary to realize the most effective use of people, materials, equipment and funds. Proper planning, scheduling and coordination are necessary to achieve project completion on-time, within budget, and at the level of quality expected. Consistent review of the contractor’s schedule allows us to manage our time more efficiently, thus increasing productivity. Proper time management includes Ghirardelli, as well as the contractor.

Ghirardelli takes an active role in reviewing and monitoring the contractor’s actual progress in relation to the Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule.
During construction we evaluate and recommend changes to the contractor’s schedule that could improve job progress. The contractor’s submitted CPM schedule is consistently monitored. Ghirardelli’s Resident Engineers will work with the contractor to identify areas that are behind schedule and assist the contractor with suggested comments to bring the project back on schedule.

Cost Management

Effective cost management involves the establishment of a realistic project budget within the owner’s cost limitations and the application of cost management skills. This will verify the project is planned, designed, procured, and constructed in the most economical way, respecting the original project requirements.

Ghirardelli provides cost accounting records of the work depicting the value of the work-in-place, delivered and stored per contract requirements, listing of all change orders, etc. Budgets are reviewed and tracked during construction. We compare actual and planned expenditures and forecast future expenditures. Monthly summary reports are prepared depicting the financial status of the project, including the construction management contract (with subconsultants identified separately) and any related contracts/costs. Reports are prepared to show projected final costs of completion based on an analysis of trends and pending changes.

Progress payments from the construction contractor are reviewed, verified, and processed to the Owner with recommendation for action. Payment requests, which must be returned to the contractor, will be returned with a written explanation of the deficiencies in the payment request.

All potential change orders or claims are promptly reviewed, and recommendations are made to the Owner. Our extensive experience allows us to be very helpful in assisting the owner with a strategy to minimize extra costs.