Ghirardelli Associates

Urban and Community Development

Improving community infrastructure and quality of life.

Infrastructure is vital to making communities livable and going beyond just roads and utilities. It comprises a full range of systems and facilities that protect public health, improve safety, and improve quality of life. Ghirardelli Assoicates helps agencies plan, manage, and build infrastructure ranging from utilties, park and recreation facilities, and other public works projects that improve their community. 


Utilities are more than keeping the lights on and water running. They improve public safety and health and make communities livable. Our team helps cities, counties, and other agencies to build and plan for future infrastructure needs. Our support ranges from obtaining grants for needed infrastructure improvements, managing constructing on new water and sewer lines, and helping develop and manage Capital Improvements Plans, among other support.

Parks and Trails

Parks and trails provide more than just open spaces. They improve quality of life, and increase non-motorized transportation opportunities. From planning to providing construction management, inspection, and support, we can help communities build recreation facilities and multi-use trails.

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