Ghirardelli Associates

Toll Booth Removal Phase 1

In 2014, TCA converted all the toll collection facilities along State Routes 73, 133, 241, and 261 from a cash/electronic toll collection to strictly electronic toll collection through a project called All-Electronic Tolling (AET). After AET was completed, TCA determined additional toll booth removals were needed where dual-lane ramps were encountered.
Work included removal of the toll booths, concrete barriers, and related equipment (including reconstruction of pavement), as well as restriping and re-signing, as required, to bring the roadway configuration to a standard condition.
The project comprised 13 total locations – 11 of them weekend closures. Originally the two non-weekend closures were to be performed at the end of the project, however, Ghirardelli recommended doing these two locations first, of which TCA approved, for they were not tied to the restrictive time constraints. Because the scope of work for the two locations was very similar to the weekend closures, we were able to monitor and refine the multiple activities of the work on an hourly basis to determine the best method to be used for the weekend closures.
The result was all 11-weekend ramp closure work were completed and reopened to traffic (on average) ~4 hours before time constraint limit. The project was delivered as promised to the public on time and the Contractor avoided heavy financial penalties.
Client: Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA)
Location: Orange County, CA

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