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Transportation Market

Helping people move from point A to point B

Transportation is more than just roads and highways; it’s a full range of infrastructure, facilities, and systems that move people and goods where they need to go. The team at Ghirardelli Associates can support all modes of transportation, including roads and highways, bridges, rail, ports and marine, and airports. 


We provide planning and construction management support for a full range of street and highway projects. Many of our staff are former Caltrans and regional transportation agency employees, giving us an understanding of the funding and regulatory requirements faced by our clients. What's more, we can quickly and seamlessly integrate with your team. Some of the projects that we can support include, highway and freeway expansion, soundwall construction, and more.


Overpasses and bridges connect places and make travel safer and faster. Multiple disciplines are involved in bridge construction, and careful coordination and quality control are essential. We can help you manage bridge construction projects with the help of our engineers, construction managers, structures representatives, and quality control professionals.


Rail projects include more than just track work. They often include a full range of construction types and require a multidisciplinary team including civil engineering, soil engineering, tunneling, building construction, electrical engineering, and systems engineering to name a few. Our team helps agencies effectively plan, manage, and construct their rail system and infrastructures, such as rail and equipment procurement, station construction, overhead power, control systems, and construction management.


Streets and roadways are vital to our communities, and keeping them maintained is a huge undertaking. Ghirardelli Associates works with local agencies to build and maintain their road network to keep the community moving and maximize their investment. We can help oversee entire pavement improvement programs to help maximize pavement life, oversee street construction, including reconstruction, overlay, and slurry seal, and provide community outreach support.

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