Program Management

Ghirardelli has a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget for a variety of clients throughout the State of California, and we will utilize this experience on any project assigned to us by a client.

The first step in managing a project is identifying the best qualified staff. Ghirardelli’s goal is to provide experienced candidates who are not only technically qualified, but also fit the specific needs of our clients and their projects. Our Project Managers will meet with the client on a regular basis to identify project needs as early as possible to help ensure that the right personnel are available when needed. Our Project Managers also monitor our staff’s performance during the project.

Once construction is underway, Ghirardelli’s qualified staff will help ensure that the project is constructed per the approved plans and specifications by closely monitoring the contractor’s work. Our inspectors will prepare a daily inspection report documenting the manpower, equipment and materials used on site, along with daily photographs. They will be familiar with the schedule so they can prepare for upcoming activities and arrange for surveying or materials testing if needed. Ghirardelli personnel will coordinate, interpret, certify and supervise all required soils and material tests. We will document and notify the contractor of any unacceptable condition or workmanship issues and will follow up to verify any deficiencies are corrected. Our personnel will also verify that the client’s engineer is informed of all important project issues on an ongoing basis.

Good communication among the project team is essential to make sure all personnel have the latest information, including approved submittals, Requests for Information (RFIs) and revisions to the plans or specifications. Ghirardelli staff will closely monitor bid item quantities and perform quantity calculations to verify accurate measurement and payment. We will check public safety and compliance with the approved traffic control plan. Our team will also help ensure that the as-built drawings are kept up to date.

One of the first opportunities to minimize change orders, disputes and potential claims is with a thorough constructability review. The constructability review should be performed prior to advertising the project so that comments can be incorporated in the bid package. Ghirardelli is available to perform constructability reviews if the client is interested.

In order to minimize change orders and claims during construction, Ghirardelli staff will establish a working relationship with the contractor by being fair and reasonable while enforcing the contract specifications. Prompt processing of monthly progress payments is an important step in building this relationship.

Ghirardelli staff will continuously look ahead to identify potential problems and will recommend solutions to minimize additional costs and delays. We will evaluate all change order requests and determine whether they have merit. Our team will develop an independent cost estimate and identify any schedule impacts in order to negotiate an equitable agreement with the contractor. Potential changes will be discussed in the weekly meetings and each issue will be tracked until resolved.

Schedule management is an important tool for minimizing change orders and claims. Our approach to schedule management is described in the following section.