Ghirardelli Associates

Water Resources

Managing and Protecting Vital Resources for Future Generations

Water is vital to our economy and future growth and with increased demand and climate change, challenges faced by agencies to ensure a reliable and safe water supply will only increase. Ghirardelli Associates helps agencies plan and manage flood control projects, wetlands and fisheries development and protection, and coastal erosion protection. 

Flood Control

We help agencies across the state plan and construct flood control and channel projects. Some of the support we provided include construction management and inspection for flood control channels and retaining walls, erosion control structures and facilities, and overall program management and planning.

Wetlands and Fisheries

Wetlands provide a critical buffer zone between water and land and provide an important habitat for wildlife. Our team is experienced helping agencies to protect and rebuild wetlands to protect against erosion and to provide habitat for wildlife. Additionally, we support fisheries management projects by completing surveys and studies, and invasive species removal.

Coastal Protection

With projected sea level rise, loss of coastal marsh and wetlands, and increased coastal development, protecting coastal zones from is more important than ever. Not just to protect the environment and wildlife habitat, but to reduce erosion and protect vital infrastructure. The team at Ghirardelli Associates are experienced in helping agencies complete erosion control projects along the coast and within ports and harbors. Whether it is a ferry terminal, coastal trail, or erosion control structure, our staff have the expertise to support your project.

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