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Ghirardelli Event Moments

California Transportation Foundation Awards Gala

Ghirardelli Associates attended the CTF Transportation Awards program on May 26, 2022. The SFOBB Metering Light System Upgrade Project lead by David Eldridge and their team was selected as one of the CTF Award’s top three finalists!
 Pictured Above: William Butcher, Scott Buckley, Raewyn Butcher, and Charles Krueger.

BuildOUT San Francisco Event Gala

BuildOUT California held its Founders Day event on June 1st at the Marriott Grand Marquis San Francisco. As one of the Founding Members of BuildOUT, Ghirardelli had a booth and Paul Bews moderated the Transportation Working Group session titled Technology & Environmental Sustainability: The Growing Impact on Mobility Planning and Construction. Kate Devine assisted Paul Pendergast (CEO of Pendergast Consulting Group) in organizing and working the one-day conference.

In attendance: Raewyn Butcher, Randy Bruner, Paul Bews, Kate Devine, Lance Jackson, Charles Krueger, and Darcy Taylor.

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