Ghirardelli Associates

Rail & Transportation Industry Trends – A Focus on Progressive Design-build

Rail and transportation industry trends indicate that we are moving away from traditional procurement to alternative procurement programs to streamline transportation infrastructure project delivery. This includes Progressive Design-build (PDB), Design-build (DB), Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC), and Job Order Contracting (JOC).

Ghirardelli Associates sees a move to utilize Progressive Design-build (PDB) as a contract form and delivery mechanism by many agencies in the transportation sector. PDB progressively defines the detail around schedule and the construction activities, as well as, gaining progressive definition of outturn cost.

Recent projects in the airport infrastructure area, such as San Francisco International Airport, have adopted PDB. In addition, we now see moves by LA Metro and other agencies to adopt this delivery method.

Given the recent successes in the aviation sector in this form of contract, we expect to see its rapid adoption in other transportation infrastructure projects.

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