Ghirardelli’s pre-construction services include a thorough review of the 100% plans, specifications, materials reports, environmental documents and bid package. Special focus will be given to the final PS&E documents for their overall constructability and biddability and for any anomalies that could lead to unbalanced bids and disputes over the course of the work. We involve our client’s Project Manager and Designer in a teaming atmosphere for a thorough sounding of the plans, specifications, permits and agreements for:

  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Estimates
  • Plan and Specification Connectivity
  • Payment Clauses
  • Safety
  • Environmental Permit Compliance
  • Construction Sequencing {Order of Work)
  • Coordination w/ Utilities
  • Project CPM Schedule (Verification of Working Days)
  • Traffic Handling
  • Stage Construction Continuity
  • Public Outreach
  • Means and Methods
  • Project Funding
  • Quantity Verification
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) – Notice of Intent