Close adherence to the plans, details and all applicable specifications is required in order to properly construct and administer the project. Activities include, but are not limited to, maintaining continuous agency coordination, issuing notices of non-compliance, maintaining strict adherence to all local policies, conducting a daily review of the construction operations, and adhering to all applicable contract specifications and standards to include District, Caltrans and Federal.

Ghirardelli field staff prepares electronic daily reports which will document weather, shift duration, personnel on the project, equipment used, tracking of force account activities (including accurate recording of labor, equipment and materials used), phone conversations, field instructions and discussions and any other daily occurrences pertinent to the scope, schedule, budget, quality and safety related issues. Ghirardelli’s Resident Engineers will then review these issues and help to ensure progress toward resolution or corrective action(s).

Ghirardelli inspection provide erosion control monitoring in compliance with the contract documents. Our Resident Engineers and/or Inspection staff monitor all daily activity for any impacts, non-compliance and/or enforcement of the project specifications and/or imposed best management practices (BMPs) to effectively minimize any impacts before they happen.