Ghirardelli Associates offers in-house environmental services including CEQA/NEPA compliance, regulatory permitting, land use planning, and compliance program implementation. Our environmental services cover projects over their entire life cycle, from inception and delivery to operations and maintenance. We specialize in project management and regulatory compliance for large scale infrastructure and natural resources projects.

Our experience includes CEQA/NEPA document support, strategic planning and permitting, environmental and engineering support for habitat restoration and large infrastructure projects. Specific areas of expertise include preparing natural resource assessments, biological assessments, geospatial imagery and mapping, permit acquisition, and restoration plans.

Environmental Services

  • CEQA/NEPA Compliance
  • Regulatory Permitting & Agency Coordination Biological Resource Studies
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Geospatial Services
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Wildfire Management
  • Wetland Regulatory Compliance

Operating Markets

  • Water Resources
  • Energy Resources
  • Transportation
  • Natural Resources Planning
  • Land Use & Demographics
  • Ports & Marine
  • Public Works
  • Utilities
  • Delta