Ghirardelli Associates


Ghirardelli Associates specializes in working with public agencies, and owners to successfully plan and build infrastructure projects. The support we provide covers transportation including street, highway, bridge, and rail, among others. We also partner with agencies to support urban and community development projects such as parks, trails, and public facilities. Finally, we support water resource projects and infrastructure including sewer, water, storm drains, flood control, coastal protection, and fisheries preservation.

Keeping people and the economy moving


Ghirardelli Associates was founded by a former Caltrans engineer. Providing construction management and related support has been our focus from our beginning. We specialize in highway, roadway, bridge, rail, and other transit projects. In fact, many of our team were former transit agency employees, providing us an uderstanding of the issues facing public agencies that few can match.

Improving our communities

Urban and Community Development

Ghirardelli Associates supports agencies and communities across the state by providing construction management support for a range of public infrastructure and facilities projects. Our experiecne includes more than just roads, water, and sewer. It extends to public facilities, parks, trails, flood control, and other facilities critical to our community.

Protecting and preserving a critical resource

Water Resources

Ghirardelli Associates can support a variety of water resource related projects including water infrastructure, pipelines, wetlands restoration, flood control, and fisheries restoration.

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