Wildlife Protection Fence

Wildlife Protection Fence Project – Orange County, CA

Project Dates: 4/14 to 6/16
Construction: $10 million

Ghirardelli provided inspection services as part of the construction management for this project. Several miles Wildlife Fence (10 to 12 feet in height) were installed along the SR-241 corridor between the 241/261 connector and the 91/241 connector.

The work involved installation of galvanized fence fabric with an added special coating along a specific alignment through Ecologically Sensitive Areas, with the base of the fence fabric buried several feet to discourage wildlife from digging underneath the fence. Unique Wildlife Jump-out Ramps utilizing CIDH piles were also included within this alignment to add protection for deer and mountain lions. The project work fell within Caltrans Right-of-Way and required freeway lane closures and monitoring SWPPP to help ensure compliance with the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.

In 2016, the Wildlife Protection Fence Project won “The Innovative Transportation Solution Award” at the Annual Women in Transportation-Orange County Awards Ceremony.