Watersheds Asset Rehabilitation

Watersheds Asset Rehabilitation Program – San Jose, CA

Ghirardelli Associates was selected to provide construction management services for the Santa Clara Valley Water District on their watershed capital projects. The main scope of the projects were the restoration of each of the facilities to the latest as-built conditions as closely as possible. Ghirardelli Associates managed and controlled the cost, schedule, construction contract claims, quality, and safety for their projects.

The goal of the Watersheds Asset Rehabilitation Program is to reduce the back log of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) projects that are targeted for restoration of creek channels via erosion repair of existing creek banks and removal of sediments to maintain design flow capacity. If channels are left unrepaired and unmaintained, potential failures to creek banks can occur, and the life cycle of the existing creek channels would be reduced. The Program ensures the integrity of existing flood protection facilities are maintained.