Upper Mormon Slough Erosion Repair

Upper Mormon Slough Erosion Repair – San Joaquin County, CA

The Upper Mormon Slough Erosion Repair Project consist of repairs to the north and south banks of the upper segment of Mormon Slough near the Escalon-Bellota Bridge in San Joaquin County, California. Permitting Specialists are leading the preparation of a joint Initial Study/Environmental Assessment (IS/EA) and permit documents for the Upper Mormon Slough Erosion Repair Project. The project is being conducted to stabilize the channel alignment and preserve the general uniformity of the bank lines. This will ultimately preserve the function of the channel and reduce the potential for further lateral migration.

Ghirardelli’s Project Manager is assisting Kleinfelder with preparation of design details, general planting arrangements, and species lists for any onsite tree protection or replanting. This task will also include identification and negotiation of any offsite tree or habitat mitigation that may result from the agency approval or CEQA process. The Project Manager is assisting with defining cultural resources, habitat, and environmental-related bid items in a clear and concise manner to enable accurate bidding by contractors. This will include drafting responses to Requests for Information, attendance at bid walks, and interpretation of mitigation measure and permit requirements throughout the pre-bid, bid, and construction process.

Senior biologists and archeologists conducted surveys, and drafted the joint IS/EA and supplemental documents in compliance with CEQA/NEPA requirements. The staff is completing the permitting process including Clean Water Act Compliance, Endangered Species Act, and National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Compliance. The staff is also implementing environmental compliance monitoring (general compliance, biological and archaeological) throughout the construction phase, and working with Kleinfelder to develop impact avoidance areas, fencing plans, and contractor specifications related to cultural resources protection.