San Pablo Dam Road Walkability & Community Enhancement

San Pablo Dam Road Walkability & Community Enhancement – El Sobrante, CA

CLIENT: County of Contra Costa

The purpose of the San Pablo Dam Road Walkability and Community Enhancement Project was to create a pedestrian-friendly town center for El Sobrante. The project included reconstruction of approximately 3/4-mile combined length of sidewalk along the north and south sides of San Pablo Dam Road between Appian Way and Hillcrest Road.

The project improved walkability by providing a pedestrian facility compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The project also included replacement of trees that had failed over the years and provided for a potted landscaping program to further enhance aesthetics in the business area. The project also relocated four bus stops to improve access to transit.

Ghirardelli Associates inspected the contractor’s work activities, verification that the work performed met contract specifications, completed daily documentation and reporting, as well as provided daily monitoring of traffic flow and lane closures, flagging, and made adjustments to traffic controls when needed. We assisted public relations by distributing advance notifications. We managed the coordination of stakeholders and subconsultants, and the coordination and inspection of the frequency of materials sampling and testing, compaction tests, daily reports and photo documentation, monthly quantity sheets and pay estimates.


  • Sidewalk
  • Traffic Flow / Lane closures
  • Construction Inspection