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Roads and Highways

"Build our reputation on the services we provide our clients and create relationships by surpassing their expectations."

-Alice Ghirardelli

Project requirements: Widening of US 101 between Morgan Hill and South San Jose. Project involved widening 3 bridges and PCC pavement construction and required extensive stage construction, night work, and Public Relations.

Ghirardelli Associates provided contract management and Resident Engineering services on this contract to widen State Route 101 between San Jose and Morgan Hill. This project involved adding two new lanes of PCC pavement in each direction, in the median of Route 101, for approximately 7.5 miles, as well as modifications to the drainage facilities and widening three bridges. Duties include, but are not limited to; responsibility for control of the technical aspects of both roadway and bridge construction activities, contract administration, preparing and negotiating change orders, analyzing potential claims, and supervising other consultant staff. Ghirardelli Associates was also responsible for the coordination of numerous environmental and regulatory requirements in permits from State Department of Fish and Game, National Marine Fisheries Service, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Army Corp of Engineers, and Caltrans Encroachment Permits.

Services Provided: Resident engineering, bridge representative, and inspector training program.

Project requirements: Relocation of utilities, demolishing the existing overcrossing and replacing the bridge along Highway 4 in Pittsburg.

Ghirardelli Associates provided a lead Construction Inspector and was responsible for replacing the Railroad Avenue overcrossing along Highway 4 in Pittsburg. This work involves the relocation of several utilities, demolishing the existing overcrossing and replacing the bridge with a longer structure for future widening of Route 4 for additional highway traffic lanes and the BART system. Ghirardelli Associates oversaw utility work, as well as drainage, electrical and local roadway widening and improvements. We worked closely with city and Caltrans oversight inspectors to make sure all work and testing is done in accordance with the contract documents.

Services Provided: Bridge inspection and civil inspection

Project requirements: Perform construction management services for the construction as required for the I-680 Sunol grade soundwall project.

Ghirardelli Associates performed a constructability review and preconstruction services during the 65% to 95% design phase of a $10M soundwall project and a $5M street improvement/utility under grounding project. Ghirardelli Associates provided insight into: alternative construction methods, ways to avoid underground utility conflicts, plan checking, special provision review, site inspection and utility contractor work coordination. Ghirardelli Associates provided valuable input to the designer and owners of these two projects that minimized potential change orders and other conflicts during construction.

Services Provided: Constructability review, resident engineer, civil inspection

Ghirardelli Associates provides an assistant resident engineer for various Caltrans projects including the $30M widening project on State Route 37, the $10M I-780 rehabilitation, and rubberized asphalt project in Vallejo. Duties include inspection of contractor's asphalt paving, striping, earthwork, drainage, and other items of roadway work. We also assisted the resident engineer with contract closeout and quantity audits.

Services Provided: Assistant resident engineer

This is a federally funded road safety improvement project.  Project scope:  Construct ½ mile concrete median barrier. Widen approximately 1 mile of Vasco Road. Widen one single span bridge. Construct drainage, stormwater and erosion control facilities.  Construct wildlife crossing systems, directional fencing and Kit Fox and Tiger Salamander jumpouts.  Construct (1) concrete retaining wall, (1) MSE wall, (2) soldier pile walls and (2) soil nail walls.

Services Provided:  Resident Engineering and Construction Inspection.