Retaining Wall Repair CMS

Marsh Road Retaining Wall Repair CMS – Atherton, CA

The Consultant is expected to be an expert in Construction Management and Resident Engineering. They shall be knowledgeable in construction methods related to retaining walls and culverts and working within waterways subject to regulatory permits.

The current engineer’s construction cost estimate is $3.2 million, with an estimated construction schedule period of 5 months. The Marsh Road retaining Wall Repair project will including installation of a sheet pile retaining wall, traffic diversion and traffic control, and forming and placing reinforced concrete sides and invert for the Atherton Channel for a distance of approximately 1,800 feet.

The Construction Management scope of work will, at minimum, includes; preconstruction activities to setup project documentation and tracking tools, document existing site conditions, and meet with construction team members; quality control inspections, construction activities to monitor the work and review contractor invoices; coordination of public information with Town staff, and project closeout activities to coordinate as-built documents and process the final contractor payment.

Perform preconstruction review of plans and specifications for constructability and make necessary recommendations to address challenges. Attend one meeting for residents to present proposed traffic plans and construction plans, propose changes to the contractor and update public information. Review associated permits to understand their various requirements and understand how the Contractor may comply with the requirements. Set up project documentation and tracking tools, document existing site conditions, and attend project kick-off meeting.