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GAI Project Sites is a new service that Ghirardelli Associates is providing for our clients. Upon request, we will design, create, and host a client's project website.

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Rail and Transit

"Keep people moving. We manage the work to minimize disruption to commuters, station vendors and surrounding businesses."

-Alice Ghirardelli

The project involves the seismic retrofit of BART stations along the R-Line, specifically El Cerrito Plaza and El Cerrito Del Norte.  

Critical elements of the project include:

  • Maintaining safety and security of public, BART staff, and contractor personnel at all times.
  • Minimizing disruption to BART's riders, operations and concessionaires, and local businesses and communities.
  • Informing the community and public regarding work schedules.
  • Retrofitting footings, columns, and pier caps inside ticketed areas, along sidewalks, and next to substations, streets and parking areas.