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Rail and Transit

"Keep people moving. We manage the work to minimize disruption to commuters, station vendors and surrounding businesses."

-Alice Ghirardelli

Project requirements: Provide assistant R.E., electrical inspection, and project controls for $500M expansion of San Francisco Light Rail Transit system with 8 new stations.

Phase I of the Third Street Light Rail Project consists of a 5.4 mile extension of the MUNI Metro light rail system, beginning near the Caltrain station at 4th and King streets to an intermodal terminal adjacent to the Caltrain Bayshore Station. Phase I of the Project also includes a new light rail maintenance, operations, and storage facility, MUNI Metro East Facility (MME).

Ghirardelli Associates has assisted with the project set up of the construction office and has maintained files in accordance with the San Francisco Municipal Railway Construction office using Expedition software. We logged daily diaries and job reports, coordinated surveys, materials testing and contaminated material service performed by others. Our other duties were monitoring labor compliance and tracking change orders, while answering phones and general office duties.

Ghirardelli Associates also provides construction inspection services, which included the inspection of the installation of the light-rail, underground utilities, heavy traffic control, quality assurance, safety regulations, environmental regulations, labor regulations and making sure the work was done in accordance with the plans and specifications. We assisted in negotiating and preparing contract change orders and prepared monthly progress sheets for payments. We kept in constant communication with the client (MUNI), utility companies and the traveling public to facilitate the building of the project.

Services Provided: Bridge inspectors, R.E., electrical inspection, project management.

The project involves the seismic retrofit of BART stations along the R-Line, specifically El Cerrito Plaza and El Cerrito Del Norte.  

Critical elements of the project include:

  • Maintaining safety and security of public, BART staff, and contractor personnel at all times.
  • Minimizing disruption to BART's riders, operations and concessionaires, and local businesses and communities.
  • Informing the community and public regarding work schedules.
  • Retrofitting footings, columns, and pier caps inside ticketed areas, along sidewalks, and next to substations, streets and parking areas.


Ghirardelli Associates, Inc. is providing construction management and structures inspection for this $90 Million Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB) grade separation project.  

Scope:  Raise the railroad in a retained embankment and lower roadways crossing the Caltrain right-of-way from just south of the I-380 flyover to approximately San Felipe Road in San Bruno.  At-grade vehicular crossings will be eliminated at San Bruno Avenue, San Mateo Avenue and Angus Avenues and the existing San Bruno Caltrain station will be relocated onto an elevated structure at San Bruno and San Mateo Avenues.

Responsibilities:  Construction inspection and daily documentation of contractor’s activities.  Assisting Resident Engineer with submittal reviews and RFI correspondence.  Plan review and compliance of project plans and specifications.  Monitoring traffic control, pedestrian safety and residential noise regulations.  Monitoring permitting compliance with regulatory agencies.  SWPPP inspection.

Services Provided:  Construction Management and Structures Inspection.