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Public Works and Redevelopment

"We understand local agency objectives: deliver quality projects, manage cost, and maintain positive public perception."

-Alice Ghirardelli

The Central Marin Ferry Connection Project created a new multi-use pathway extending the Cal Park Hill Multi-Use Pathway to the south by constructing a new elevated crossing over Sir Francis Drake Boulevard with an access ramp leading down to an existing multi-use pathway adjacent to the roadway. The new path is intended to further promote non-motorized commute alternatives and enhance recreational travel while providing safe, direct and convenient pedestrian/bicycle access between local transit facilities,schools, business centers and residential communities.

Project Details:
A multispan steel Warren truss bridge over East Sir Francis Drake Blvd (ESFD);  an elevated cast in place reinforced concrete ramp structure, connecting the bridge to the south sidewalk of ESFD Blvd.; an at grade multiuse pathway connecting the bridge to an existing MUP and with a pedestrian ramp and sidewalk connecting to the north sidewalk of ESFD Blvd; several Retaining Wall systems; reconstructing an existing pathway and existing wooden bridge; partial removal and rehabilitation of an existing wood trestle;  improvements to the existing south sidewalk of ESFD Blvd. 

Services Provided: $9.3M - Construction Management, Inspection, and Testing Services