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GAI Project Sites is a new service that Ghirardelli Associates is providing for our clients. Upon request, we will design, create, and host a client's project website.

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Public Works and Redevelopment

"We understand local agency objectives: deliver quality projects, manage cost, and maintain positive public perception."

-Alice Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli Associates provided a Resident Engineer for the reconstruction of this 4-acre lake rehabilitation project in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The project included demolition, dewatering, dredging, grading, installation of the lake membrane liner and clay seal materials, lake water circulation, lake aeration system, traffic control and drainage system. The project also included extensive landscaping, irrigation, tree work, landscape stonework, cobblestone paving, asphalt concrete, and concrete work for site accessibility improvements. The project required close monitoring and coordination to maintain compliance with Department of Fish and Game regulations and the Wildlife Management Plan for the Golden Gate Park - Lakes Rehabilitation Program. Careful coordination with the public was required due to close scrutiny by concerned citizens groups.

Services Provided: Civil Inspection