Port of Oakland – On Call

On Call Construction Management – Port of Oakland

The on-call construction management project performed by Ghirardelli Associates for the Port of Oakland (actually, three sequential on-call contracts) ran from the first NTP in June of 2007 through the end of our last Technical Service Order (TSO) in June 2018.  Ghirardelli staff provide construction management services in the Port’s Maritime and Aviation areas of responsibility and our projects included a great many of the Ports major facilities.   The scope of Ghirardelli’s Resident Engineer/Construction Management, Inspection, Office Engineering, Field engineering and other services included project such as:

  • Wharf rehabilitation for the Outer Harbor Intermodal Terminal (OHIT)
  • Infrastructure and paving to improve truck access to the port’s intermodal maritime facilities
  • Improvements to the rail line access for the Port’s intermodal maritime facilities
  • Waterfront electrification program allowing ships to use shore power rather polluting Oakland’s air by their own diesel generators while moored to Port facilities
  • Office engineering support for the Port’s project Design and Delivery office on both Maritime and Aviation projects
  • Airport taxiway and apron rehabilitations
  • The BART Oakland Airport Connector (OAC) light rail
  • Airport force main pumphouse construction
  • Railyard, warehouse and demolition projects
  • Many short duration small footprint projects such as rental car facility parking areas and public shoreline improvements.

Our longevity on the project is a testament to our ability to delight our customers by responding to on-call request with agility and giving more than is expected in project execution