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GAI Project Sites is a new service that Ghirardelli Associates is providing for our clients. Upon request, we will design, create, and host a client's project website.

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Ghirardelli Associates was the Quality Control field inspector for the contractor, reporting to the Army Corps of Engineers on this $34M flood control project in Santa Clara County. Ghirardelli Associates primary duty is to oversee the field quality control inspections on work preformed by the contractor, and report to the Corps of Engineers Construction Office Representative. The scope of the project encompasses construction of a double 25' x 20' box culvert and overflow channel. Inspection duties included field inspection of sheet pile walls, construction of cutoff walls, concrete and rebar placement, documenting construction on the as-built drawings, excavation, safety inspection, submittal of RFI's & materials submittals and contract compliance per the standards of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Services Provided: Civil inspection