Ohlone Greenway BART Station Access Area

Ohlone Greenway BART Station Access Area – El Cerrito, CA

CLIENT: City of El Cerrito

The Ohlone Greenway is a heavily used multi-use path that runs the entire length of El Cerrito. The project was located along the Fairmount Avenue to Central Avenue and Hill Street to Cutting Boulevard blocks of the Ohlone Greenway as well as the street crossings of the Greenway. The Ohlone Greenway connected two San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Stations, regional mixed-use paths in Richmond and Albany, and ran parallel to San Pablo Avenue.

Project goals include improvement bicycle and pedestrian routes leading to transit, commercial nodes and housing, adding new vibrancy to the areas around the BART stations to encourage housing development specifically within a regionally designated Priority Development Area, increase of safety and accessibility for BART riders and Greenway users; and improvement of the integration of the El Cerrito Plaza and El Cerrito del Norte BART Stations with the surrounding community.

The Station Access Area improvements included widening and enhancing the path and adjacent shoulders and landscaping, creating formalized clear pedestrian desire lines, and upgrading existing crosswalks by establishing “high use pedestrian zones.”

Street improvements included new striping, special pavement, improved signage, curb bulb-outs, upgraded curb ramps and flashing lights, and enhance landscaping, lighting, seating, and other amenities, and improved signage including rapid rectangular flashing beacons to complement other recent flashing crosswalk installations. On eastbound Hill Street, the project also converted a through lane to a right-only lane, and added a pedestrian bulb-out at the entrance to the Safeway Store to increase pedestrian safety and improve intersection operations.


  • Street Improvements
  • Pedestrian
  • Striping, curbs