Nevin Avenue Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements

CM for Nevin Avenue Roadway, Pedestrian, and Bicycle Improvements Project – Richmond, CA

Ghirardelli Associates provided Construction Management and Inspection services to the City of Richmond for the Nevin Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements from 19thStreet to 27thStreet.  The work consisted of roadway, sidewalk, landscaping, utility and drainage reconstruction, as well as signal and lighting installation.  As part of the work, utilities were relocated, and the profile grade of the roadway was reduced to lessen the grade of the roadway cross slope that impacted access points such as driveways and sidewalk curb returns.  The construction site is located in a predominately residential area. As such, parking, pedestrian access and public safety required special attention during construction.

The project also served as a trial project for 4 different types of water treatment applications which included rain gardens at curb returns, porous asphalt, bioswales, and infiltration water storage structures (Silva Cell Units).  These water treatment applications will be studied for the next several years to evaluate the effectiveness in reducing and treating runoff water.

Funding for the project was from multiple sources, including Federal Congestion Management and Air Quality program, Regional Transportation for Liable Communities (TLC), Metropolitan Transportation (MTC), Regional Measure 2, Local Measure J funds, and grants from the EPA Clean Waters for Clean Bay.

Charlie Hayler, Project Manager/Resident Engineer
Mike Hagerty, Assistant Resident Engineer
Bonnie Holt, Office Engineer
Carolyn Adkins, Lead Construction Inspector


  1. Majors and Associates: Public Outreach

BSK: Materials Sampling and Testing Services