LACMTA Soundwall 11

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Soundwall 11

Sound Walls – (No. 11) State Highway in Los Angeles County on Route 170 from Route 101 Separation to Sherman Way Overcrossing and Route 405 from 0.2 mile North of Saticoy Street Undercrossing to 0.6 Mile South of Roscoe Blvd Undercrossing. This construction project consists of approximately eight bridge widening and 28,592 linear feet of sound wall and retaining walls.

The Soundwall Project is constructed along the Caltrans Freeway System and generally consists of construction of a 14 foot tall masonry block wall supported on CIDH pile foundations or occasionally on spread footing foundations, grade beams or K-rail concrete section. Associated bridge widening including precast concrete girders, concrete deck slab placement and paving. Other items in these projects typically include drainage systems, elevated signage poles, lighting poles, retaining walls, utility relocations, landscaping and associated irrigation systems, earth work, paving, freeway traffic controls and storm water drainage during construction.