I-80 Central Avenue Operational Improvements

I-80 Central Avenue Operational Improvements – Richmond, CA

CLIENT: Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA)

The I-80 Central Avenue Operational Improvements Project was a complex signalization and traffic operation project scope located between the I-80 and I-580 freeways in Richmond CA. Central Avenue is a main thoroughfare connecting downtown El Cerrito through the City of Richmond to the I-80 Freeway. During peak traffic hours more than 3,000 vehicles use Central Avenue daily to access the freeway, causing excessive traffic cues and regular 15-minute delays. The project relieves congestion caused by cars getting stuck at a traffic light while leaving downtown El Cerrito. The project scope took over ten years to plan, design, and construct, and begins the City’s efforts to relieve traffic congestion in this area.

Traffic Signalization | The project, completed in 2018, improved the signalized intersection spacing along Central Avenue by connecting Pierce Street and San Mateo Street, converting Pierce Street access at Central Avenue to ‘right-in, right-out,’ and relocating the traffic signal at Pierce Street/ Central Avenue to the San Mateo Street/Central Avenue intersection. This project included the signalization of two 4-way stop intersection, the installation of four new variable message signs and overhead sign structure, the removal and replacement of 17 new ADA compliant curb ramps and the removal and installation of 100-feet of new barrier rail over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and Highway 580.

SWPPP Focus | This project used a reviewed and approved water pollution control plan. All BMPs were installed per the approved Water Pollution Control Plan. CCTA and the contractor held weekly project walkthroughs to review the condition and effectiveness of all BMPs. This walkthrough was discussed at the weekly meeting. The design for this project had new conduit and conductors in an open landscaped area behind the sidewalk. This spot had been adopted by Greens at Work, a local organization that plants and beautifies public spaces in the area, using native California plants. In order to preserve the work that Greens at Work had done the contractor process a no cost change order to rockwheel the conduit in front of the lip of gutter.


  • ADA Compliant Curb Ramps
  • Relief of Traffic Congestion
  • Installation of Barrier Rail
  • Adherence to the Water Pollution Control Plan
  • Landscaped Areas and Sidewalk
  • Coordination with Local Community Group to Maintain Existing Greenspace