East Contra Costa BART Extension Program

East Contra Costa BART Extension Program – Pittsburg & Antioch, CA

The East Contra Costa BART Extension (eBART or BART to Antioch) Program extends the BART system 10 miles from a transfer platform just east of the Pittsburg/Bay Point station to two new stations named Pittsburg Center Station and Antioch Station. eBART also includes a maintenance facility and storage yard located in Antioch. The eBART line uses independently propelled railcars known as Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) that operate on standard gauge rail in the median of State Route 4. Construction began in 2011 and the line opened for passenger service in May 2018.

Since the successful opening of the new service, ridership has exceeded the forecast and parking spaces have been in high demand. To accommodate this increase in ridership, BART is currently constructing an additional parking lot with approximately 850 parking spaces at the Antioch Station, along with other improvements within eBART.

Ghirardelli Associates has maintained a continuous presence providing Construction Management services for the eBART Program since 2011. Ghirardelli has provided extensive support including construction oversight, constructability reviews, coordination with designers, utilities and local agencies, traffic detour support, highway construction coordination, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical and train control inspection.

Our scope of services for the various eBART projects include the following:

  • Construction management and field inspection
  • Construction project safety best practices
  • Constructability review and recommendations
  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Technical Support
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Coordination with Other Agencies
  • Claims Management and Dispute Resolution
  • Commissioning and System Integration

Ghirardelli has provided Resident Engineers, Assistant Resident Engineers, Office Engineers, Construction Inspectors and Student Interns to serve on the eBART Program.

Our staff has provided CM services on the following eBART projects:

  • Trackwork, Systems and Facility Finishes
  • Transfer Platform and Guideway Improvements
  • Antioch Station Parking Lot and Maintenance Facility
  • Procurement of eBART Vehicles
  • Procurement of Running Rail, Crossties, and Special Trackwork
  • Antioch Station Parking Landscaping
  • Sanitary Sewer Connection
  • Pittsburg Center and Antioch Station Paving Improvements
  • Antioch Station Expansion Parking Project and Miscellaneous Site Improvements
  • Maintenance Facility Canopies and Structures