DTSC Exide Residential Cleanup

DTSC, Exide Residential Cleanup, 2018 – Vernon, CA

This Project Management Services (PRMS) Contract (the Contract) requires XX (the PRMS Contractor) to provide the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) with personnel and services necessary to support the Exide Division (Exide Project Team) during its implementation of DTSC’s Removal Action Plan (Cleanup Plan) Offsite Properties within the Exide Preliminary Investigation Area, dated July 17, 2017, including any modifications, amendments or addenda thereto (the Cleanup Plan) and DTSC’s Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, including any modifications, amendments or addenda thereto (MMRP). DTSC’s Cleanup Plan work is focused on sensitive use properties within the Preliminary Investigation Area (PIA), which is the area within an approximately 1.7-mile radius of the former Exide Technologies (Exide) lead-acid battery recycling facility in Vernon, California (former Exide Facility). Implementing the Cleanup Plan includes, among other related removal action activities, excavation of lead-contaminated soil from approximately 2,500 sensitive use properties in the PIA. DTSC selects properties for cleanup by using previously collected soil sample results to determine whether a sampled property meets the prioritization criteria set forth in the Cleanup Plan. The MMRP sets out Project Design Features and mitigation measures that DTSC must implement to reduce or avoid potential adverse environmental impacts associated with the Cleanup Plan work.

The term of this Contract will be from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020, with a one-year option to extend it at the same rates at the discretion of DTSC.

The purpose of this Contract is for the PRMS Contractor to provide management support, field oversight, and consultation services to assist DTSC in managing and overseeing the work of DTSC’s Removal Contractors. DTSC has retained two contractors, and may retain additional contractors, to provide DTSC with personnel, services, materials, and equipment necessary for the Exide Project Team to implement the Cleanup Plan and MMRP (collectively referred to as the “Removal Contractors”). National Engineering & Consulting Group (NEC) is conducting work at approximately 415 properties and Parsons Environment & Infrastructure Group Inc. (Parsons) will conduct work at approximately 1,610 properties. DTSC will enter into one or more additional contracts with a Removal Contractor.

The PRMS Contractor will consult with the Exide Project Team to develop management systems and strategies for tracking cleanup work (including contaminated soil excavation and disposal, property restoration, and compliance with applicable plans, policies, and other requirements) progress; and will assist the Exide Project Team with day to day oversight and review of Removal Contactor deliverables to ensure success in DTSC’s implementation of its Cleanup Plan and MMRP. The PRMS Contractor will assist the Exide Project Team in the development of strategies to ensure that the Removal Contractors’ work is properly planned, implemented, and managed with adequate quality assurance, within budget, and on time.

The PRMS Contractor will also, on an as needed basis, assist Exide Project Team staff in reviewing property specific work plans, property specific letters of completion, project invoices (that are to be submitted).