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GAI Project Sites is a new service that Ghirardelli Associates is providing for our clients. Upon request, we will design, create, and host a client's project website.

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Ghirardelli Associates provided inspection services on restoring this historical building after fire damaged the structure several years ago. Duties included inspecting roof installation, flashing, electrical and installation of tongue-and-groove siding.

Services Provided: Construction inspection

Ghirardelli Associates provided a Construction Engineer who was responsible for office engineering on this $25 million dollar project. This project included the construction of a steel framed three story Operations Building comprised of a parking garage, administration floor, and observation floor. In addition, a tunnel was constructed for the use of toll employees to access collection booths from the Operations Building. The new Toll Plaza will have provisions for electronic toll collection and a total of 17 toll booths will be built, with two of the lanes reserved for carpools only.

Services Provided: Office Engineering