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GAI Project Sites is a new service that Ghirardelli Associates is providing for our clients. Upon request, we will design, create, and host a client's project website.

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-Alice Ghirardelli

Project requirements: Provide structural inspection services for this bridge replacement project on State Route 198.

The project involved constructing a new 480 feet long, three spanned prestressed box girder bridge to replace an existing three spanned I-girder bridge, 150 feet above Horse Creek to realign Route 198. The Construction involved blasting the hillside for the realignment as well as blasting to excavate for new foundations. Ghirardelli Associates engineer inspected all aspects of the bridge replacement project including, structure excavation (blasting), embankment construction, reinforcing and concrete placement, traffic control, Fish and Game permit compliance, Army Corp. permit compliance and SWPPP compliance. We performed construction surveying to verify alignments and grades, coordinated material testing and coordinated with Caltrans Geotechnical Branch for rock quality verification after blasting. Ghirardelli's engineer was the sole structures inspector on the project responsible for ensuring that the construction was completed in accordance with the contract plans and specifications.

Services Provided: Civil Inspection