Boyes Boulevard Bridge Replacement

Boyes Boulevard Bridge Replacement – Sonoma County, CA

Sonoma County’s Boyes Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project is replacing the deteriorating and seismically vulnerable existing two-span, steel girder bridge, which was constructed in 1955 over Sonoma Creek.

The new bridge will be a 94’-6” long single-span precast girder bridge, founded on 36” CIDH piles. Environmental permits have limited work within Sonoma Creek from June 15 – October 15. Therefore, the projects is being constructed over two seasons with a winter suspension.

In fall 2019, a temporary pedestrian bridge was constructed to the north of the existing bridge and various utilities were temporarily relocated to this structure. In 2020, Boyes Boulevard was closed to traffic and the existing bridge was demolished.

The foundations and abutments for the new bridge have been constructed. This means the project has now reached an important milestone – the delivery and installation of the seven 93’-8” long precast bridge girders. The girders were fabricated at KieCon in Antioch, then trucked to the site and set onto the abutments with a 600-ton capacity crane.

Ghirardelli Associates was selected as the prime consultant to provide full construction management services for the federally funded Sonoma County Boyes Boulevard Bridge Replacement project. Our services include project management, resident engineering and contract administration, civil and structural construction inspection, office engineering, and source inspection. A few key features our team is overseeing:

  • Traffic Control Procedures – Full road closure with detour
  • Utility Relocation
  • Environmental permit work window restrictions
  • Close proximity to public (residential homes)
  • CIDH piling with gamma gamma testing
  • Precast girders, source inspection at fabrication yard & oversight of erection on site
  • Bridge & retaining wall structures construction
  • SWPPP Oversite, this is a Risk Level 3 site