Preconstruction Services

Ghirardelli Associates provides services for:

  • Value engineering
  • Constructability reviews
  • Bid & award process management

Preconstruction Services provides you with of an early analysis of the effects that the many components of a project will have on the schedule and cost. This allows our clients to make the best decisions before construction begins, resulting in a reduction of costs.

Preconstruction Services usually include the evaluation of construction methods, project pricing, value engineering, constructability reviews, and bid and award process management.

We use a collaboration approach to simplify communications. This helps resolve issues before they become problems. By becoming involved early in the project, we try to completely understand our client’s needs for each project.

Ghirardelli Associates has made an investment in putting together a team of engineers and specialists to provide preconstruction services that can meet any needs a client may bring to us. These resources are a valuable contribution to the success of a project.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is ongoing throughout the construction process. We continually identify the best methods for improving project value without compromising quality. We provide recommendations on:

  • Construction feasibility
  • Various design alternatives
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Phasing efficiency
  • Scheduling effects

Constructability Review

Before construction begins, there are many details that need to be addressed. Ghirardelli Associates can review preliminary design plans and submit comments in regards to the constructability of a project. Prior to release, we conduct our own independent and detailed analysis of the design drawings and construction documents. This review assures clarity, consistency, completeness, and ease of construction and ensures that the plans and specifications are biddable and buildable. The result is a savings in both cost and construction time.

Bid & Award Process Management

Ghirardelli Associates provides services for:

  • Bid Advertising
  • Bid Opening
  • Bid Review
  • Recommendations

When the construction documents are completed and the project is advertised for bids, Ghirardelli Associates will be the contact and liaison for any questions that arise from the potential bidders, designers and agencies. We will draft and issue any addendums that are needed, as well as research and provide answers to questions related to all aspects of the project and its documents.

Once the bids are opened, Ghirardelli Associates will provide services to review each bid to ensure that all federal and state requirements for a fair bid have been met. We will review compliance for bonds, licenses and any special requirements set by the bid documents and provide a recommendation for the bid results.

Ghirardelli Associates Inc.

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