Engineers Week 2021 – Spotlight on Kelsey Ballesteros

Engineers Week 2021 – Spotlight on Kelsey Ballesteros


Happy Engineers Week to our team of amazing engineers! To celebrate, we are featuring Ghirardelli Associate, Kelsey Ballesteros, P.E., who is currently supporting our client, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), as an Assistant Resident Engineer.

Q: How did you choose engineering as a career?

A: “I’ve always been fascinated with high-rise buildings and cool-looking bridges. Due to this, I went to community college and decided to major in engineering. I then quickly realized that engineering is not just about buildings and bridges – it is solving real-life problems and developing a solution, such as reducing traffic congestion and infrastructure maintenance. After participating in an engineering internship in 2012, and observing existing roads being maintained and rehabilitated, I realized that engineering is the career I wanted to be in to make an impact and promote transportation projects in my community.”

Q: What has been your favorite project you have worked on and why?

A: “Since summer of 2013 when I was a student intern, up to the present (as an Assistant Resident Engineer), I worked on a variety of projects within the eBART Program as part of the construction management team. I had an amazing opportunity to work under the tutelage of many experts in the engineering field. I witnessed the project get built from the ground up and, in addition, I personally benefited from this project as I used eBART to commute to work from Antioch.”

Q: What do you like about working at Ghirardelli Associates?

A: “Ghirardelli Associates has been very supportive of my career goals and always motivated me to be the best I can be.”