Social Responsibility

Ghirardelli Gives Back

Ghirardelli believes that community involvement comes from the heart of each and every Associate. Ghirardelli encourages Associates to become actively involved in their local communities or organizations that directly benefit their community. Ghirardelli assists Associates with their involvement by contributing monetary donations, printing of materials, allowing time off from work to volunteer, and organizing groups to assist with volunteer efforts.

Our Associates have been active in their local communities by assisting in the education of our future leaders, building homes for people in need, as well as providing food and toys to single parent families or families that just need a little extra help. Other activities include removing trash and potentially dangerous items along segments of roadways and creeks, taking volunteer leadership roles in various community-based organizations, associations, and non-profits.

Starting out as a Disadvantaged and Small Business Entity (DBE/SBE), the Associates at Ghirardelli understand the value of serving within their communities and donating to causes that better the lives of the people living within these neighborhoods.

Community Benefits & Involvement

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has caused an increased need for volunteers within our communities. Ghirardelli Associates have responded to this pandemic by creating and donating masks to healthcare workers on the frontline, blood donations, and meal services at both local women & children’s shelters and food banks. A few of our Associates are a part of a “COVID-19 Support Angels” group, with a focus on pick up and drop off of supplies, medicine, groceries, and other essentials, to the homes of elders and other quarantined residents who are at risk for COVID-19. Associates at Ghirardelli have also donated essential supplies to people at need during the outbreak, such as soaps, toilet tissue and monetary donations to local families in need. Several Associates are part of local neighborhood programs, which provide support, regular check-ins and communication to at-risk neighbors.

In addition to local support for the COVID-19 pandemic, Associates at Ghirardelli regularly volunteer within their communities. Other activities include environmental services such as removing trash and potentially dangerous items along segments of roadways and creeks, as well as, painting and refurbishing local schools and parks. The heart of Ghirardelli is the service of Construction Management (CM). CM provides oversight of construction contractors during crucial transportation and water infrastructure upgrades. This is a direct benefit to the communities we serve as it ensures the residents are getting a quality product constructed to agency standards. This means better sidewalks so kids can get to school safely, better lighting for pedestrians at night, improved crosswalks and intersections to reduce accidents, bus rapid transit projects to help more people get to BART stations, and dedicated bike lanes to promote more ridership to reduce greenhouse gasses.


Ghirardelli believes that in order to better a community, education is key. Several of our Associates serve as guest speakers, student mentors, job shadow hosts, and part-time instructors/professors for various grade schools, community colleges, and universities throughout California. Topics and courses taught over the years include Earth Sciences, Construction Management Fundamentals and Construction Administration, Engineering Economics, and Analytic Mechanics. Ghirardelli also donates yearly to the Education Endowment Fund, set up through the American Public Works Association Sacramento Chapter. This fund provides grants to local universities to purchase much needed equipment for their Engineering department classrooms and laboratories.

Human Health, Welfare & Social Justice

Associates routinely volunteer their time and donate monetarily to programs that assist people within communities to better their situation. These programs include scholarship funds for new college bound and existing students, humane societies, food banks, soup kitchens, Toys for Tots, Brighter Christmas, toy drives, backpack collection for students, collections for victims of wildfires, and women’s recovery shelter for the collection of purses and toiletries.