City of West Sacramento, Grand Gateway and Washington District Infrastructure Project Dedication

The City of West Sacramento saw the completion and dedication of the Grand Gateway and Washington District Infrastructure Project in West Sacramento on March 19th. This ambitious and necessary infrastructure project is part of the City’s initiative to inspire growth, improve building and increase permits, attract investors, support walkable, green, and affordable housing, and further the connectivity of travelers on either side of the river. The upgrades have been in progress since 2015 as part of a state-funded program backed by Congresswoman Doris Matsui.
A unique feature of this project is its incorporation of art and poetry into the design to beautify public
spaces while improving public works. The crowd gathered to celebrate the dedication and had a chance to ride JUMP bikes along the project site to the final destination on E street. There they were able to hear and see a poem written and presented by former Sacramento poet laureate and Sacramento City College English Professor Jeff Knorr. The dedication ceremony included presentations by various representatives of the project development team from the City of West Sacramento, including Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, who called the project “A grand entrance to our City and our future.”
Ghirardelli Associate Thanh Dickerson was a vital part of the project’s construction management and delivery.
Project highlights include:

  • Upgrades to 2,000 feet of water, 6,000 feet of sewer, 3,200 feet of storm drain lines along with significant transportation improvements.
  • The cleanup of the Grand Gateway site at 815 West Capitol Ave. and extension of 7th Street to Tower Bridge Gateway, added a new signalized intersection.
  • A multi-modal transit station, 2.5 miles of enhanced bicycle lanes, 50 streetlights and 43,000 square feet of widened sidewalk.

West Sac

Exide Residential Cleanup Project Management Services

Ghirardelli was awarded a two-year contract with a one-year option to extend with the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to support the Exide Division (Project Team) during implementation of the Removal Action Plan.
DTSC is implementing a Cleanup Plan focused on sensitive use properties within a Preliminary Investigation Area (PIA), which is the area within the 1.7-mile radius of the former facility. The Cleanup Plan includes, among other related removal action activities, excavation of lead contaminated soil from approximately 2,500 sensitive use properties in the PIA. DTSC selects properties for cleanup by using previously collected soil sample results to determine whether a sampled property meets the prioritization criteria set forth in the Cleanup Plan. DTSC has retained National Engineering and Consulting Group (NEC) to conduct work at 415 properties, and Parsons Environment and Infrastructure Group (Parsons) will conduct work at 1,610 properties.
Ghirardelli will consult with the Exide Project Team to develop management systems and strategies for tracking cleanup work progress (including contaminated soil excavation and disposal, property restoration, and compliance with applicable plans, policies, and other requirements); and will assist the Exide Project Team with day to day oversight and review of NEC and Parsons’ deliverables to help ensure success in DTSC’s implementation of its Cleanup Plan and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program.

Client: California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Location: Vernon, CA